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I want to share a brand that I consume, admire and respect.
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I think it is important to share with others the great discoveries of our paths, leaving aside words such as competence and secrecy and unipersonal wisdom. Each person, brand or experience that crosses our life, leaves a small mark on us, totally different in each person. Because you are going to keep something for you that you think is special, if for other people it may not be, and this does not detract from your feeling. I want to share a brand that I consume, admire and respect.



There is a Spanish brand called FAUNA &FLORA, founded from affection and love, both to nature and themselves. They are an example to follow for me, both professionally and personally. His brand in addition to producing and selling some unique and precious objects that all the world wishes to possess, transmits all his passion and personality.


They take care of the small details, elaborating by hand each piece and each packaging. They care about the environment, not only inspired by their own nature, but caring that the materials they use are organic and biodegradable, and all their consumption is km0. From my point of view, to achieve an elegant style with this whole eco philosophy is a great merit. That is why I recommend everyone to take a walk on the website of this family that has much to show the world.





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