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Yoga is not just a way to exercise the body physically, but what is a philosophy of life. I want to introduce you to my friend Shopie, a yoga teacher in Bristol.
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Yoga by Sophie Noonan


I would like to share in this journal all  things that inspire me, both to create my brand, and to develop my lifestyle. A healthy and balanced life, which is reflected in a serene and elegant brand, in harmony with nature.

One of the essencial cornerstone  of my life and also a practice I would strongly recommend  is the  yoga. Not only is Yoga a way to exercise physically, but also a way of living and thinking. I want to introduce you to my friend Shopie, a yoga teacher in Bristol.  Then you can enjoy reading her words and if you want to know more you can visit her website.





I am Sophie Noonan, I am a yoga teacher and massage therapist. To me – yoga is a way in which you can find time for yourself, as a way to get back into your body, help calm the mind and strenghten your muscle and personal beliefs/strengths/will power/all round mental health.

There are so many kinds of yoga – hatha, ashtanga, iyengar, vinyasa, kundalini, tantra, yin… the list seems to go on. Often each teacher has their own style within each type of class, so its good to try and see what different classes and teachers work for you. Some are very slow, some are extremely controlled, while other are fast, repetitive, some involve more breathing techniques, while others offer that breathwork through the movement or depth of the poses.

The benefits will vary – but mostly to work on strengthening and relaxing your body and mind. Improve circulation, joint mobility, flexibility, strength, lung capacity, while also working with the mind, to allow time and stillness, wokring with the nervous system. I like to think of the whole body throughout classes – holistic body work – inside outside and back to front.

The main advice I can give is to try and think about what you need from each session, work to what feels right for you and your head each day. Sometimes you need to push yourself and you want to work harder, other times you need to be more patient with yourself and a little softer. Know and trust that your practise will and needs to change day to day, week to week and your body will let you know what is needed the more in-sync you become.

Sophie Noonan






I hope this post awakes your curiosity, and you keep looking for information about your own yoga. The best advice I can give you is TRY, try and try, if anyone does not work, try another, and take notes about your felling while you do it. Each person is diferent, with diferent way of felling, diferent pains, and diferent needs. You have to listen to your body, pay attention to its reaction, and act accordingly always seeking the overcoming and elevation of body and mind.

If you are not in Bristol to enjoy the Shopie´s class of Yoga, you could try by yourself at home, using this website www.doyouyoga.com. It´s really interesting, you can find there practice for all level.



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